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    Double-digit annualized yield regardless of market volatility

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    • If Linked Price is $36,000, Annualized Yield is 73.00%

    • If settlement price ≥ $36,000

      Invest 1 BTC, Get 36,144 USDC

    • If settlement price < $36,000

      Invest 1 BTC, Get 1.0047 BTC


    Assured base yield in all market conditions with amplified yield up to 40% annualized when you get the market trend right. Freely express your view of the market with no downside

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    • If BTC settles at > $40,000, the Annualized Yield will rise as per the rise of BTC price to a maximum of 48.4%

    • If BTC settles at ≤ $40,000, a base yield of 10% will be offered
  • SharkFin

    Guaranteed yield with defined return profile

    Limited quota available every Friday at 23:00 to Saturday at 23:59 (GMT+8)


    • If the BTC price has ever been ≤ $51,000 or ≥ $58,000 within the observation period, earn a 3% APY upon product expiry
    • If the BTC price constantly stays within $51,000-$58,000, earn a 26.5%-29.5% APR upon product expiry
    • Sale for a limited time: available once a week from Friday 23:00 till Saturday 23:59 (UTC+8)

    SharkFin chart
  • Best-Buy Fund

    Funds with consistent returns selected by our professional research team

    There is a minimum investment requirement and it is catered to investing professionals.


    "BTC-U Range Sniper" is a product that establishes specific income structure with a series of options combination assets to help users to earn higher returns when the BTC price is sideways or rising within a specified range, and when the settlement price <= the lower linked price, the principal and returns will be converted into BTC at the linked price upon settlement.

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    • If the $58,000.00 < BTC Settlement Price <= $66,000, the APY will continue to increase as the BTC price rises, up to 261.72%

    • If the BTC Settlement Price > $66,000.00, you can get a base return of 10.00% (APY)

    • If the BTC Settlement Price <= $58,000.00, the investment principal is settled by buying BTC at a price of $58,000.00, and you can get a basic return of 10.00%(APY in BTC).

    (*Please refer to the App for the most updated range and rates)

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Dual Currency
  • Dual Currency
  • Smart Trend
  • SharkFin
  • Best-Buy Fund
  • Range Sniper

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